Hello everybody. I have now decided to close down this blog. I do not use it at all anyway, so I cant be bothered anymore. After doing absolutely nothing I got this brilliant idea about how I'm gonna use my creativity. I now, finally, have new bigger plans for my future, and I really got a good feeling about this. This is the idea that I have been waiting for since the day that grown up asked me what I wanted to be when I grow up. What I didn't know is that what I answered back then is nothing near to this, I answered a vet, well, that was the first real job I wanted, (before that I wanted to grow my hair and wash the streets with it). Anyways, I will not tell you what this idea is. I just wanted to share that I finnaly have fallen back to what I know and can best, being creative and short after new year I will drop the news. maybe some pictures. For you wondering what Im doing with uni, I will finish my degree, but I might wait a couple of years to continue.
Oh, and this will not be the last, but second last post, because I do need to announce the news. (18th of JANUARY).

Just once more, I am so so so glad that this idea popped into my head, why on earth hasn't it earlier!!?? A little message to Jack, do you remember us talking about starting to be creative and do what we wanted again, better get started! It's just gonna start as a hobby, but wow, it might be my future job, who knows? EXCITED!

Again, Stay tuned, check on here around the 18th of january, you'll be like, oh, ofc she is doing that! ;)

For the last time (second last) PEACE OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XOXO

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