I've been in Norway one day. The traveling from Kingston to Gatwick wasn't that bad, could have been worse (when it comes to carrying things), and all thanks to Jack, even though it was a hard train ride, it was hard to say goodbye! Leaving my room, empty, or almost empty, I think I might forgot to take out some socks from my drawer, well... whatevvs. The best thing about traveling somewhere is the Tax Free. bought Pimms, Cutters Choice and when I landed in Oslo I bough snus, ofcourse. My brother came and picked me up at the train station in Lillestrm, the stop before Oslo and we went to his new house. I've been fed with low carb diet food, i personally like it, but then again it contains a lot of fat. It's so nice to go to a shop and see the little refrigerator filled with snus, mmm. It's not cool to see so many normal people though, or ehm, i mean less original characters running bout. Haven't been in town yet though, so i might see more tomorrow. I've spent the whole day with Oliver, aunties favouritte boy.

I've been inspired to start the same diet my sister in law and so many other people all over Norway, as far as I know. Its LCHF diet (low carb high fat). I heard about people loosing over ten kilos in three months and shit, so hopefully it will do something, i will continue training as well. The hard part in this diet is that there is so many things I can't eat, and I should only eat things with 6 or less carbs in. Ohh dear, this aint gonna go. My mommas food! But why not, get it shape and who knows, maybe the body I always wanted! Haha.

But I haven't started on the diet yet, so this is pretty much my snack now:

Tantes fineste <3 Oliver Lisandro

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Grethe Marita

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