Hola! I have as before been very lazy with the updates here on the blog. So, sinse last time (got to check last update) done a whole lot of things. I went to Norway on Friday after my cousin left. I went to Oslo, but I didn't tell anyone aboutme going because I had to be sure that Frida wouldn't know anything. (I told her like two months or a month ago that I wouldn't be able to make it for her birthday because I didn't have any money or anything). So I arrived on Friday and her birthday was on saturday. It was so much fun, I got in to her apartment without anyone knowing who was coming and when I stood there, her face expression: priceless! She even started to cry, and I was shaking. Wooh, excitement!
So, the rest of that night, can't really remember that much!
Here are some pictures from the night, except from the first one, that's the morning after (sunday morning).
What we did before my memory was taken away of my good friend, vodka, is that we went to a gig, that was fun, a lot of people from high school were there, it was nice to see old faces again.

Ok, so after a good few days in Oslo with Frida I went back home to Larvik. Nothing had changed. Still boring, old, quite Larvik. The only reason I would go back is for the people I know there. It was really good to see my family again, and to see friends. Having some nice days there as well. Went out one night, to find out thatthatnight was the last time I will ever go out in Larvik again. So boring, packed and filled with kids that just turned 18. Yeah. I can't remember me being that annoying when I turned 18?

So I came back to Ktown on Monday. It was sad to leave, but ten days was enough for this time, besides, I will get some months this summer. So I have been back in England for almost a week now and I've been having a good time!


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Grethe Marita

Grethe Marita

20, Larvik

I am relaxed and full of life. I do exactly what I want and I never got plans, but at the same time, I'm always full booked. I have good friends who looks after me, and I try the best I can to do the same! These good friends are the reason that anything happens in my life, and other things than than it's fashion, art, literature and music that interest me and the topics I often blog about. I use the blog as a diary, it's kind of a therapy, and a way to empty my head and fill it up again with good ideas from the Internet. At the moment I'm living in Kingston, London and studying psychology and criminology. And I love it!