Today my cousin, Maria left. Four days is not enough time, feels like she's been here for a day. But we had fun times, on monday when she arrived we went to The mill, a pub I'm not a big fan of, especially on mondays, after a while we moved on to Weatherspoons, much better. So, tuesday we just relaxed, went out shopping, and had food out. Not complaining! Back home we just ate a lot of snacks and watched a movie! We didn't do much because we had to get all the energy possible for Oceana on Wednesday! So, we went and it was crazy. We were supposed to go to Ama-gi, but ended up stayin all night in Oceana, and man, it was fun! And this morning she left. Wu!!!
What am I supposed to do today? I'm going to the gym. Haven't been there in a good while because I was ill, and then recovering and visit and shit. But today I am going to kill myself. I'm not leaving before I sweat blood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1Then I'll have to do my laundry and maybe die a bit before I leave!Hah...ok, here are some pictures of the visit!

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Elisabeth og Ida

29.mar.2012 kl.19:54

so fun ! :D

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Grethe Marita

Grethe Marita

20, Larvik

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