This summer looks like it's goin to bethebest festival summer ever! What would have topped it is ofc Florence and the machines, but as we say in norway,du kan ikke f i pose og sekk(you can't have everything). So, some of the bands I will see is M83, The xx, Lana Del Rey, Dropkick Murphys, New Order, Team Me, Jonas Alaska, Beirut, Snoop Dogg, Lissie, Seigmen, Noah and the Whale and Charli XCX!
I'm really excited, the shit part is that the festivals is i the end of june and the start of july, with a week or something between them. So when the festivals are over ther's no more plans for the summer. Except for just chillin' with friends! Gotta enjoy this summer as much as possible! And if I get a job here in Kingston and a house I'll might come back a bit earlier to move in! I mean, I can't stay away for too long from people here! I might forget the language! hah


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Iris Taklo

29.mar.2012 kl.16:05

sv Ahaa, da lrte jeg noe nytt i dag ogs :D

Maud Helene

02.apr.2012 kl.12:28

Haha, n lo jeg godt. Man kan ikke f pose og sekk, nei. Jeg fr desverre verken eller, fr ikke dratt p en eneste festival...

Grethe Marita

03.apr.2012 kl.13:39

Maud Helene: Aw, det suger! Jeg er skikkelig lei meg for at jeg ikke fr dratt p flere :P

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Grethe Marita

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