I'm a bit bored of my hair. I want to change something, do it crazy. So. I have some plans, I don't know if I will do anything yet, but I know I'm bored of this. I still want the dyed tips, I think. I really want it like on picture #5 and #7, to bleech it a lot, not only the tip. If I had long hair, well, thats my dream. I'v always wanted to be blonde as well, like reallllyyyy blonde, I'm talking white blonde! But I'm very afraid I won't pull it of. One day, one day! Maybe I'll go back to red, I used to be a ginger once. I just don't want it to be normal. Normal is boring! I dye it in a crazy colour again. I've already done pink and green, purple next? Or white? I think i'll try white!

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Grethe Marita

Grethe Marita

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