This weekend was nice. Just relaxing, houseparties and I went to Camden for the first time. Yeah, here I also found Guaran, brought back so many memories! Camden was the place for me, loved all the crazyness and all the cultures mixed in one place. I mean, they did have Guaran! Thumbs up for that.
Other than that, all the stands were very cool, except from that alot of them had about exactly the same.

And then, today I woke up with a terrible cough. It's killing me, slowly! I was finally recovering from my blocked nose, and now this. I feel like shit. So this week and the weekend I'm not going crazy. Taking it easy! Hopefully time and lots of vitamins will help!

I really need to find some structure to my life. Eat helthier, I miss Norway right now. Mum and everyone else! I really hate being here right now! QQ

Oh yeah! I found out I can work here, I just need to get an international insurance number. So I guess I will get a job then! Do something about my day, not only sit here and wait for the weekend.


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14.mar.2012 kl.22:16

, jeg elsker guaran!! f den til norge!

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Grethe Marita

Grethe Marita

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