Our sociaty is so sex fixated these days that it makes no room for love. Often when I've talked to people about this (most times guys) I ask; what if the girl don't want to have sex for a looong time, like a year or two, would you dump her. And the answer is often yes, sometimes no, but compared to the yes' it's nothing. This makes me kind of sad to know that we live in a world where people are more atracted to sexual desire than to love. What happened to the love stories, I know most people say those stories only exist in books and movies, but the inspiration for those stories must have come from somewhere. Ergo, real life stories.

And when I think of this I think of my view on this and I realise that I'm brainwashed just as everyone else. I used to believe in true love, real love, the one. But not really anymore. There are no perfect marriage, noone stays together anymore. The coupples I used to look up to are no longer coupples and the love is just gone.
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What do we do to fix this? Make love more attractive than sex, make working hard for it to win the love more attractive than sayin you look hot and get the easy girl from the club in bed. I realise I'm no better. I'm not longer as I used to be, and I don't really know why I suddently am so different. Is it just the time and all the oppinions that slowly has taken over me?

Something else that shocks me! Yeah, I might be a bit oldfashioned now, but it litteraly shocks me to see foourteen year old kids having sex with eachother. Their bodies are not even fully developed and when I think of me when I was fourteen, I was in the eight grade and I was just so childish. It was more important for me and my friends to get home and watch Fox Kids or play hide and seek. We didn't think about sex, or talk about it, nothing. The most pervert thing we ever saw was the boys childish drawings of peoples private parts. Haha. Ohh, the girls part was often just a circle with a line in the middle. Very graffic.

So I just find everything really sad, to have to find the world like this. Sex should be enjoyed by lovers, by friends, but choosing sex over love, that's where I draw my line.


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07.mar.2012 kl.00:30

True love is not extinct, it lives on by the people who dares to oppose cynicism. True love exists, but rare enough to be valued far greater than any other treasure. Love... don't ever forget the meaning of such a powerful word.

Maud Helene

07.mar.2012 kl.17:20

Er snn delvis enig i det du skriver. Men s tenker jeg snn at sex faktisk er en viktig del av et forhold, den nrheten det gir og de flelsene som er p banen. Kjrlighet og sex hrer sammen. Likevel m det vre greit ha sex uten kjrlighet ogs, for det er jo ikke alltid man er s heldig ha noen vre glad i... At 14 ringer har sex syns jeg er altfor tidlig, man burde tenke p hvilke valg man tar.


15.mar.2012 kl.00:38

Jeg tror du er jvlig heldig hvis du faktisk finner noen du ser for deg leve resten av livet med, tidlig i livet. Noen som er nok p alle mter, og at du lengre inn i forholdet fremdeles greier f nye impulser slik at du ikke gr lei av personen. N har det seg jo faktisk snn at jeg har en snn en gutt, en som jeg ser for meg leve med resten av livet og som enda greier gjre meg glad og nyforelsket hver gang jeg ser han p ny, etter 4r. Men s m du ikke glemme, at akkuratt den aldersfasen vi er i - assosieres for det meste med eksperimentere - p forskjellige mter. Nr folk er ferdig med eksperimentere vet dem mer hva man vil, dermed enklere finne en person som er like fiksert p snakke med deg, hre hvordan du har det som det gjerne mange var sexfiksert fr. Slik jeg ser det, blir man lei av "meningsls" sex, og erstatter gjerne ett kjnnsorgang med en person.

Grethe Marita

15.mar.2012 kl.19:19

Shir: Haha, digger siste setningen! Men ja, skjnner veldig godt hva du mener! Men likevel, s er det noen der ute som ikke er interesert i eksperimentere noe serlig, som meg. Jeg har ikke s lyst til ha meg med s mange og ligge rundt s jeg m nok vente til den gutten jeg en dag kommer til fle det for slik du fler er ferdig med eksperimentere selv!

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