Little Ashes is a movie worth watching. From the first scene, when Dal arrives the school you just fall in love. Not only is Robert Patinson showing a new side, but is also excellent and brilliant. He rally gets Dal's madnes, but Javier Beltrn does also catch the passion in his eyes perfectly.
The movie is a fiery, passionate story about friendship, love and well, passion between the great artist Salvador Dal and the Andalucian writer Federico Garca Lorca. You really get the characters and it gives you so much inspiration. Like myself, am really into art and art history, and feeling like my studies were totally wrong for me, this movie makes me want to go back in time and be a part of that world were it was so...easy to be new and creative. I will manage to be new today as well, but there have to be something more than just random ideas I need it to be a part of me, I need to search myself and just make it me, but outside of me.

So, not only is the movie inspiring when it comes to art, but also passion, love, everything. There are some really intense scenes in it, I loved it, but at one point I thought: disturbing.
But as a summary all I can say is, magnificent!

If I'm going to be anything more than average, if anyone's going to remember me, then I need to go further in everything: in art, in life, in everything they think is real: morality, immorality, good, bad, I, we, have to smash that to pieces, we have to go beyond that, we have to be brave. no limit.

-Salvador Dal


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09.feb.2012 kl.21:53

Kjempe fin blogg, kommentere gjerne tilbake :))


09.feb.2012 kl.21:59

Har sett den filmen =)..

Er storfan av Robert Pattinson og flte at jeg bare mtte se den!

Det er en god stund siden jeg s den, s husker ikke s mye av den, men jeg husker godt at jeg s den non-stop uten stoppe filmen, noe som i seg selv er bra..

Er en god del filmer jeg ikke har sett hele av fordi de har vrt for kjedelige osv, men denne klarte jeg som sagt se hele av =)..

Grethe Marita

09.feb.2012 kl.22:01

retrocupcake: Ikke bare var det en bra film, men den handlet i tillegg om Salvador Dal og jeg kan ikke si jeg ble skuffet, for var nemlig redd for det siden jeg har s store forventninger til hvordan han skulle vre! Men elsket den, Patinson er undervurdert!

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