Lately I have enjoyd this internet page called I randomly bumped into it by an article a friend posted on facebook, and man, am I happy for that!
Like the Decadent pigeons article and now I found something even more exciting. Litterally.

Like it's written in the article, I love how they put it:
It is a well-known fact that design is desired. Desired sexually, sensually, pragmatically, emotionally, whatever you choose, is a factor that represents your needs. Based on the dictionary?s definition, desire is a longing or craving for something that brings satisfaction or enjoyment, a sexual appetite or urge. An appetite for extreme pleasure and need, that only increases and becomes more demanding throughout time. We are designed to desire.

It's so true, we are designed to desire, and I'm not hiding my desire. Like personality, be proud of it.
Design behind desire is a book puplished by Farameh Media, curated by Lisa Z. Morgan under the creative direction of Susanne Schaal. Words that can describe this is erotic, sexual, beauty and romance, and this book is high on my wishing list now. Not only am I obsessed with design and fashion, but the secrets of the erotic and sexual world is always tickling my quriosity.

Is it not strange that desire should for so many years outlive performance? -William Shakespear

Article is found here! <--

I would kill for this shoes!


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