The decadent pigeon is an very interesting mix of instalations, photography and video. Their goal was to explore the tention between ugliness and beauty, as they say. The exhibition is held in Spain, Barcelona, the second edition was in the Catalan capital.
Personal, I would love to go and see this, because it's exactly the type of photography I like. I'm not a huge fan of instalation, it has to be good and really mindblowing (not necessary mindblowing), but I don't like the modern form for art where you can put up a chair in the middle of the room and call that art.
Artists today need to work for their title, not just recieve it because some people with a lot of money that likes to pretend their intelectual and pays a lot of money for shit that can't be cathegorized as art. But that's only my opinion.

Take a look at this photograps. Enjoy. Maybe I'm lucky and the exhebition comes to London.
Take a look at the article where I found this here! <---

//all photos Lisa Klappe


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