I am so bored right now. I am nothing but unhappy with my timetable and I'm not feeling well at all. I want to cut my throat out to get rid of the pain! Well. I need to do something about myself. I don't feel good at all. I have to start to get up earlier and get ready, don't leave the flat without looking ok. So, even if I feel like shit, i still need to go and have a workout! First the regular, then pilates. I need to feel alive. This is a shit post, I do't even want to post it. But now thinking about not posting it makes me feel schizophrenic. Writing to myself.
I bough a thing to put all my necklesses on, and I love it! My window looks so pretty now, if you look away from the really ugly curtains. But hey, it's my first year, I live i halls, so there is not really much to do with that.

Ok, enough of the randomness. Workout time!


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Iris Taklo

01.feb.2012 kl.18:53

sv: Jaja seff, men jeg m spare mest mulig i bsu fremover :D Men jeg har en anelse om at et av parene er mine fr sommeren likevel, haha!

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Grethe Marita

Grethe Marita

20, Larvik

I am relaxed and full of life. I do exactly what I want and I never got plans, but at the same time, I'm always full booked. I have good friends who looks after me, and I try the best I can to do the same! These good friends are the reason that anything happens in my life, and other things than than it's fashion, art, literature and music that interest me and the topics I often blog about. I use the blog as a diary, it's kind of a therapy, and a way to empty my head and fill it up again with good ideas from the Internet. At the moment I'm living in Kingston, London and studying psychology and criminology. And I love it!