During my first class this semester, that means today, I was drawing because i did not find any of the things interesting and the information was exactly what the same info they gave us first week last semester. But yeah, my ponit. During class when I was drawing I suddently remembered a very, very weird dream I had last night. I don't remember quite well, and I don't remember how it started, but from where I do remember I was naked in the water, it was dark and I was surounded my trees. It was saltwater and I was hiding from something or someone, have no clue. I was looking at a group of people on the beach having a weird kind of ritual around a bonfire. Then suddently a man, he is big, huge! He spots me and I turn around and start to swim the opposite way. Then I dive into the water and start swimming under water so noone can see me, but I keep floating to the surface and I can't hold my breath any longer. Then suddently I start to womit, I am still under water, and what I womit is my heart. My heart attached to a string. I think I panic, but at this point I'm starting to feel weird, my heart on the string falls of and start to sink and I almost unconcious swim after.
The surroundings in under water is almost like the sea in Harry Potter and the goblet of fire, when he is under water, dark and a lot of high seaweed.
Then I grab my sinking heart and start to swim up, I put it back to the string, or else I would probably die, the weird thing is that I can live when it's on the string, and still outside of my body.
When I finally get up I crab to land and the man is sitting on the shore stretching out his hand like in a gesture for help. Relieved I reech out my hand, but he wants my heart first. So I happily give him my heart because I think he can fix it so I don't die.
The second I give him my heart he just swollowes it and I fall backwards and die, the moment I see in his eyes that he is not after helping me, I feel so scared and I don't know what to do.
But I die.

Then, I see all of this happening from the woods, I am still hiding, but I don't know from who. The man turns around and looks at me and smiles as he gets up. I also turn around and start to run. Then suddently I'm in the top of a spruce tree. The branches are so dense that I can walk on them as if the whole ground were filled with a lot of branches. Then my sister is there, shee looks at me and ask me why I choosed to study something this hard (I study psychology and criminology), but I'm not sure if she means my real life studies or something else in the dream. I tell her it's really interesting and meaningfull and it's exactly what I want to do in life. Then some other people shows up and I don't know what to do. I just suddently fall thru the branches and land on some other brancher. It's still really dark, but not so dark that it is hard to see things from a long distance. Then the same man who killed other me in the water is in from of me. I suddently start to fall thru the branches again and that's when he just cut my head of before I get the whole way thru to the braches benath me.

There is a lot more of this dream, I remember it being really scary, I'm afraid of everything and I feel really vulnerable but there is nothing I can do. What made the dream feel weird is not the part where I throw up my heart or my head get choped off, but all the emotions, that I actually could remember everything and that everything was so detailed. You might think this is detailed, but I haven't told half of it, I remember the expression on all the peoples faces, the bonfire, how it looked like around me and that I was cold all the time. Crazy.

// Drawing from the class earlier. This kind of illustrates how I felt when the man eats my heart and I fall and die. The funniest part is that I don't wake up from the dream when I die, how you usually do in dreams.

Freaky shit, Peace out!

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