I started to write a rondom post, about my plans for the day, then I just left it for a while and my music made me feel a bit, blue, if you want. But not in a really bad way, but more artistic way. I suddently got an urge to write in Norwegian, and then Sapnnish, and then I forgot that I kept writing in English and so many thoughts crossed my mind. Thoughts about yesterday, about this morning, about last night, about the walk home, about my feelings, about me being afraid, about feeling beautiful, feeling ugly, about thinking bad thoughts, about doing bad stuff, about everything really. Everything that has something to do with it.

I moved in here 13th of September 2011. That day I had so many expectations that in the end I didn't have any expectations. I had plans for how everything would work, for the friends I would make, I did not only make really good friends, but best friends, something I did not expect. Moving here also caused a lot of pain, some things get lost and you find something else that will probably not mean as much, yet. You might as well be really lucky and find something that will mean the whole world for you, but some peopl would maybe find the same thing but it would drag them down. People just don't understand how hard it can be, to be in that place, when they are just watching. Some people just make the same mistake everytime even you get a new chance. Trust.

I know I'm writing a lot of nonsence now, but when I look out the window and watch the sun on the rooftops, it makes me really happy, but I'm in a mood where I just feel like crying. I know all girls have this feeling sometimes, don't know bout guys.

I've had this feeling for weeks, months now. Steping into something new, not knowing what to expect, but I can say with my hand on my heart that I don't regret anything, but at the same time, everything. Maybe I wasn't ready for this? Or maybe I just have too many hopes and dreams, and I am the only one standing in my way. But I know that it's more than that.

back to the first part where I was thinking about things, I think a lot, and I want to feel good today, not only I don't know... I kind of need more.

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26.jan.2012 kl.23:01

Win 2 tickets to MGP in Larvik on Saturday, for you and a friend!

Send me your e-mail on the blog and Share the link =)

You're done ! Goodluck...

// Tusen takk! :) Ha en fin dag :)
// Tusen takk! :) Ha en fin dag :)

Maud Helene

27.jan.2012 kl.18:01

Hater nr det en tenker og fler liksom motsier hverandre. Det viktigste er uansett at det gir deg en god flelse og at du klarer sl deg til ro med at tankene av og til ikke er helt enige...


29.jan.2012 kl.02:13

I know what it takes to cheer you up, TINZELFIGHT! wiiii

Grethe Marita

30.jan.2012 kl.02:33

Chrissy: Haha, jaa! That would something else!

Grethe Marita

30.jan.2012 kl.02:34

Maud Helene: Helt enig, det er veeeeldig irriterende, og ja, jeg liker den flelsen av bestemme meg og f det til, men det er s mye jobb! Og det er noen ganger slitsomt! QQ

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