Today, my second session with the personal trainer, it was good. I almost puked! Haha. I really dodn't want to go today since I don't feel great, but after I started to warm up, I was really happy I went. I also went to town right after, it's weird to call a place that is five minnutes away from me town, but yeah, town. I bought a new training t-shirt and two ore tights so I don't have to wash my two other ones everyday. And I was also looking for a swimming suit. But in the changing room I decided that I amnotbuying a new swimmingsuit untill this summer, IF I've loose the weight that need to disapear.

But right now I am very happy I started to work out again, didn't realize hom much I actually missed/ needed it. But now I need to get some food before I die.


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Grethe Marita

Grethe Marita

20, Larvik

I am relaxed and full of life. I do exactly what I want and I never got plans, but at the same time, I'm always full booked. I have good friends who looks after me, and I try the best I can to do the same! These good friends are the reason that anything happens in my life, and other things than than it's fashion, art, literature and music that interest me and the topics I often blog about. I use the blog as a diary, it's kind of a therapy, and a way to empty my head and fill it up again with good ideas from the Internet. At the moment I'm living in Kingston, London and studying psychology and criminology. And I love it!