I don't really have anything to write about, have been thinking on a blog-pause lately. But I guess I just had a pause. I have been very lazy with everything, but all the handins also took a lot of energy, time and let's not forget about my brain capacity and inspiration source or whatevvah! So long story short, I've been too exausted!
But here is the very first post in a long time, I know it's only been a week? But it feels sooo much longer. Ok.

So, to write something I decided to just write about my days from night to 18 th January. First I pre-celebrated turning twenty with a good friend from back home, Albana. We were supposed to go to the unibar and have a after predrink-predrink. If this sounds confusing this ment that we predrank at Albanas while we dressed up, using waay to long time (as always), we got to Knights park when they were closing. So, what we do is: We go all the way around the school building and then I don't know how, we were at Barcadia. The butterfly pub.

The next morning I woke up in my bed back in Middle Mill. I was supposed to sleep at Albanas. How, here's the story. I suddently just got up from bed and started to walk home, drunk and yeah, drunk. I sat in front of Andrews house and called him because I couldn't find my way home. I live litteraly a two minutes walk straight down from Andrew. That is one of the things that alcohol do to me.

Well, the next morning I was ok, woke up of texts from everyone, enough of that. So, because I'm lazy here is the start of a post I never finnished, written two days ago.

I know it's a bit late! But My birthday! It was PE-R-FECT! And that thanks to my wonderful friends! We went out eating at Wagamam, really nice, Japanese food. Then we went for drinks at spoons and headed then to McKluskys.

What hapened later that night, I can't remember, but I loved my 20th birthday!
The continuing of my celebration was yesterday, Otlook festival 2012. A big dubstep, drum and base party in a carpark somewhere in central London. Was cool.

So this is how I roll, WHEN I'M FUCKING TWENTY, yeahh!

Random pictures from we<

This is a picture of my new raving t. It's bright green (Y) So hardcore!

And this doesn't really have anything to with anything. I just really want this shit!


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Grethe Marita

Grethe Marita

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I am relaxed and full of life. I do exactly what I want and I never got plans, but at the same time, I'm always full booked. I have good friends who looks after me, and I try the best I can to do the same! These good friends are the reason that anything happens in my life, and other things than than it's fashion, art, literature and music that interest me and the topics I often blog about. I use the blog as a diary, it's kind of a therapy, and a way to empty my head and fill it up again with good ideas from the Internet. At the moment I'm living in Kingston, London and studying psychology and criminology. And I love it!