As said before, this blog is nothing more than a diary, a place where I can disconect. So on the personal stage, I draw. I draw and sometimes I write little notes, thoughts ect ect on the side, over it or whatever.

Yesterday I sudently had a bad feeling. The feeling you get when someone punshes you and you kind of loose your breath. I felt like I've lost my talent. I hate writing talent. But my skills I have, the level of skills. Haha, ohh, how I hate to write something that can be taken as braging. Ok, the point is, I felt really lonely, really depressed at one point. And all this feelings came to me in just five to ten minutes. But if I sudently woke up one day without remembering how to write, I would start to cry, because drawing is my therapy. I love to draw. It's my passion. And my way to express myself. It would be terrible if I loss it.

So what I did when this panic was over, I grabbed my sketchingpad and a pencil and a drew. I swear, I was so afraid that the feeling would be right. But no, I drew, and I couldn't understand how the lines became things. So I drew, and drew and drew, and my drawing conditioning is not as good as it used to be. So gotta sit down more with my thoughts.

After I drew a coupple of things I felt so relieved. Like I was ok again, all the bad thoughts I had in that moment just disappeared as the lines were drawn.


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Grethe Marita

Grethe Marita

19, Larvik

I am relaxed and full of life. I do exactly what I want and I never got plans, but at the same time, I'm always full booked. I have good friends who looks after me, and I try the best I can to do the same! These good friends are the reason that anything happens in my life, and other things than than it's fashion, art, literature and music that interest me and the topics I often blog about. I use the blog as a diary, it's kind of a therapy, and a way to empty my head and fill it up again with good ideas from the Internet. At the moment I'm living in Kingston, London and studying psychology and criminology. And I love it!