30 days

My goal on on being fitter starts today. I will join the gym and start to train a lot. When I was in Norway i bought this thing, 30 days. It is supplements and I'm not supposed to quit eating or anything if some of you are worried about that. I hope it works. It has been very variated from people to people. I googled it, and on different forums, 90% of all the comments are positive. Some said they lost 8kg in 30 days, and some say they lost 1 kilo a week. So it is really different.

Believe me, my whole life I been put under pressure to be thin. So I've tried most of the things out there. evereyhting from a carbo diet, to one apple a day diet and Nutrilet. And nothing worked.
The reason why I'm giving this a chance is that one of my friends told me about it and said it was really good. And I've always though, whenever I saw the commercial, that this must work, because they encourage you to train a lot while your on it.
On one discussion forum I also read that I should stay away from carbs. This is the tricky part. I have never seen on the calories or carbs or whatever. I barly know what a carb is. So I kind of need to look that up and become a diet freak! Kill me!

The diet is from today of, and I'm living on cracker (knekkebrd) and a lot of fruits and cooked vegetables. Well. Actually that doesn't sound so different from my usual diet. (For those who don't know: I'm a vegetarian).
So, let's see if I actually works.

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Maud Helene

23.jan.2012 kl.21:24

Kjenner meg igjen i det du skriver. Uff, kanskje jeg skal bruke flyttingen til legge om kostholdet? Jeg trenger det srt.

Grethe Marita

23.jan.2012 kl.22:46

Maud Helene:Ja! Man blir s mye mere obs p det nr man m handle inn alt selv, s trenger ikke vre noe stress!!

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Grethe Marita

Grethe Marita

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