I feel like I am boiling over. I can't take it anymore. Living here in this flat is terrible. If it wasn't for Sorayya and Chris I would have moved out long time ago. Waking up to a kitchen that is more dirty than the toilet back home is not good. I don't know where any of my stuff are, because some poeple in the flat are born with a silverspoon up their asses and don't know what respect for other peoples priority is. Ok, I don't mind people using my things, but is it too much to ask for to just fucking clean it up after?!!! And oh, those timesthey actually do clean it up, it isn't even clean. A lousy attempt. Are you guys so retarded that you don't know how to clean up?
And sometimes I even go to their door and ask them, even if I know it was them, if they used the hob, or any of my things. And no, they haven't used it. Like yesterday the hob was filled with some kind of water. Like pastawater or something. And they said no, even if it was them. OMMMMMMMMMMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG. I am going to have serious problems. I wouldn't be surprised if this flat were a crimescene at the end of this year.
I feel like I am going crazy. I can't take this anymore!

The worst bit of this is that apparently one of the guys already went to the reception to complain or something, and they do know about these guys. They fucking do, but can't do anything about it? Because they have to catch them doing the drugs, oh yeah, they do drugs all the time, and sometimes it stinks of weed when I come home. Home, hell no. This ain't no home. This is a shithole! And I can't wait to move out!

You might think,why don't you do something!Oh, I have tried. How many times haven't I talked to them. So many times. And they keed saying, ok oh, sorry, or nothing, and it continues.
I am sick and tired of this, and what it to end!!!!!
I might have to blackmail them. Tha'll work! Fuckers! But first I'll try to have a flat meeting!

// We<3it

// We<3it

// We<3it

// We<3it

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15.jan.2012 kl.14:54

Grethe, what a shitty place to stay. You're soooo fucking pissed. Did you've a BF..!??? Visit my blog, so you can have a calm preppy moment to relaxe. I know you want to...


Grethe Marita

15.jan.2012 kl.15:16

Anonym: Haha, I had a major BF! Sooo freagin' pissed!

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