The catch of yesterday. I know, I am crazy. But I just did some shoping and bought tuff I kind of need. Like Listerine and water! I was so happy. I found IsKlar, it's a Norwegian bottle water. The best water in the world, well. It's not Farris, but it's ok.
Well, other findings, I found the matt effect top coat nail polish. I was actually looking for the one from Chanel, LeVernis, but GOSH will do.
And I also got a cool one. It's clear, but in not i UV ligh. It's like those light sticks. How cool is that?
I bought so many different colors, and I also got a new mascara, nothing special. Maybeline.
On friday I also found a cool jumper. Bright red from That Vintageshop. Sorayya made me wear the hat, so I looked like a proper hipster. I felt like I was dressing up for carnival. Mm, nice. I think I should throw away that hat!

Well, back to school work, even if it's a bit hard when I have a random retard beside me!


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Sara Asia'h

08.jan.2012 kl.15:57

Fy fader kult det ble med den matte neglelakken p den sorte! Og ikke minst, la litt av tuppen vre blank!! Deeeet m jeg stjele! :O

Grethe Marita

08.jan.2012 kl.20:52

Sara Asia'h: Ja! Ble ganske fornyd! Bare gjre, har stjelt ideen selv :)

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Grethe Marita

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