I haven't done a lot this holidays. I don't really care either, cause I just want to relax. But what pisses me off is people. People everywhere. I feel like an emo right now. I don't want to go to nobody, why can't people come to me? I live in the UK, people can't see me anymore, well, not as much as before. And when I'm in Kingston people talt to me like we were best friends. "Og, I have to come visit you!!!, Oh I really miss you, Oh I wish you were here, Oh, your my best friends, Oh, fuck that!!!!" And now that I'm actually here, only three people have showed some initiativ to hang out with me. People always want me to go everywhere, come to where they are. But no one ever want to come to visit me! But go all the way to fucking England,thatsok!

Ok, enough aggresssion. Back to the lab report.

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28.des.2011 kl.00:43

Yep, I could easily align that text with personal experience. Regardless of that, humans are a strange specie; sometimes we give and sometimes we take. And the strange thing about friends is that even though they do stupid and selfish things to us, we conquer that feeling with unfathomable love of the good things we may find deep inside their heart. Best regards from Kongsberg.

Grethe Marita

28.des.2011 kl.10:11

Daniel:Yeah! It's really annoying! I don't know this time if it will go back to normal! It's gonna be really awkward! But you gotta love them!

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Grethe Marita

Grethe Marita

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