NORWAY, Part 2

I've been busy busy busy the last days. I've met a lot of friends and also had the time to argue with mum, already! I've finnished my Christmas shopping and can now just lay back, and relax. Almost. I still don't know what to wear tomorrow. I shaved my brothers head! And I'm glad! Watched shit films and tomorrow is Three nuts for cinderella! ( 3 ntter til askepot).

I left my friends in Norway, only for like three months or something, and they all become hipsters! What's wrong with the world? Anyways. My brother does not look like on the pictures. Tomorrow is christmas eve, and this year we're doing it American style. Celebrate christmas the 25th.


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24.des.2011 kl.00:56

God Jul! :)


24.des.2011 kl.01:29

God Jul grethe :D

Grethe Marita

24.des.2011 kl.20:54

Steve:Tusen takk! :)

Grethe Marita

24.des.2011 kl.20:55

Tusen takk, og god jul til dere og! :D

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Grethe Marita

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