Since I did not tell about Friday yesterday, I might as well do it now. It was such a weird night. We went to andrews, with a bottle of Mateus and our expectations high. Then of to the train station, child tickets. And sudently we remember that we forgot Simon. So we just told him to meet us at Victoria station. So he did, and we were on our way to Central. When we finally arrived we had to wait for Simon, and when he eventually arrived we had a lot of trouble to find the right line to Fabric. But! After some time, we were in the que. But the que was HUGE! So after an hour in the que, we had moved about nothing, and we decided to go to Cable instead. And there we got in imidiatly, we had so much fun, and I can't really remember the entire night. But we took taxi back to Kingston six in the morning, went back to andrews and I was tooooo spaced out to even understand what was happening around me, so I, as always, was the first one to leave!

The morning after is a different story, well later that morning actually. But yeah, Jack was back and everyone else except from Sorayya, Chad and me has left for the holidays.

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Who's that pretty girl on the first picture, to the left?

Maud Helene

19.des.2011 kl.08:39

Skjnner at det er lenge siden jeg har lest bloggen nr du plutselig har begynt blogge p engelsk... Superfint bilde i headeren forresten :-)

Grethe Marita

19.des.2011 kl.21:07

Maud Helene: Haha, ja, det ble mange foresprsler omdet, s da tenkte jeg at det var best! Og alle forstr jo engelsk :)

Grethe Marita

19.des.2011 kl.21:08

Maud Helene: Haha, ja, det ble mange foresprsler omdet, s da tenkte jeg at det var best! Og alle forstr jo engelsk :) Tusen takk foresten!!

Grethe Marita

19.des.2011 kl.21:08

Don't follow your dreams, Lead: En venninde, Maxine!

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