My life the last 24 hours have been minimum sleep, maximum stress and not very much food. I was in the library from nine to nine yesterday, then I went and took a couple of drinks with a friend from Church. Twelve I was back in my cousy warm room, continued to write my essay. Got it done. Did all I had to, back to the library (It's open 24 hours), and I was so dead I almos fell asleep there. And that would have been awkward.
Ok, so after a long night, I had to hand in my essay. I went to CASE first so they could look over it. CASE is a place foreign people like me can go and get help, haha. And I don't even want to start on that story. I had so much trouble with accessing the internet on my laptop, so I coudn't hand it in online at first, and then I had trouble with the printer. So much stress. I almost started to cry, because the rules are pretty strickt here, and I thought I was gonna fail it because I didn't hand it in in time. But it was ok. Only one minute late on the online, and 15 min on the paper hand in. After that I just went straight to the library again, I started on my labreport. This time I'm doing it long time beforee. Don't want to stress out like last time. Because today I litteraly started to shake, and I still havent stopped.

I went to bed around two this afternoon and slept for like two hours. The plan tonight is to go and celebrate in central London, Frabric, but I have to sort out my money first. And I also got a beautiful ring from Gaelle. The blonde on the picture with Sorayya!

I know I look like a boy.

Alcohol on fire!

The gift from Gaelle. Sooo nice!
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Grethe Marita

Grethe Marita

19, Larvik

Jeg er avslappet og livlig. Jeg gjr akkurat det som passer meg og har sjeldent planer, men samtidig er jeg alltid fullbooket. Jeg har gode venner som tar vare p meg, og jeg prver s godt jeg kan p det samme. Disse gode vennene er grunnen til at det skjer noe som helst i hverdagen, og ellers s er det mote, kunst, litteratur og musikk som interesserer meg og er det jeg skriver om, som oftest. Jeg bruker bloggen som en slags dagbok, terapeut eller en mte bare tmme hodet mitt p, og fylle det opp igjen med gode ider fra internettet! Og jo! Jeg bor og studerer i England, London! Og trives veldig godt med det.