Hello everybody. I have now decided to close down this blog. I do not use it at all anyway, so I cant be bothered anymore. After doing absolutely nothing I got this brilliant idea about how I'm gonna use my creativity. I now, finally, have new bigger plans for my future, and I really got a good feeling about this. This is the idea that I have been waiting for since the day that grown up asked me what I wanted to be when I grow up. What I didn't know is that what I answered back then is nothing near to this, I answered a vet, well, that was the first real job I wanted, (before that I wanted to grow my hair and wash the streets with it). Anyways, I will not tell you what this idea is. I just wanted to share that I finnaly have fallen back to what I know and can best, being creative and short after new year I will drop the news. maybe some pictures. For you wondering what Im doing with uni, I will finish my degree, but I might wait a couple of years to continue.
Oh, and this will not be the last, but second last post, because I do need to announce the news. (18th of JANUARY).

Just once more, I am so so so glad that this idea popped into my head, why on earth hasn't it earlier!!?? A little message to Jack, do you remember us talking about starting to be creative and do what we wanted again, better get started! It's just gonna start as a hobby, but wow, it might be my future job, who knows? EXCITED!

Again, Stay tuned, check on here around the 18th of january, you'll be like, oh, ofc she is doing that! ;)

For the last time (second last) PEACE OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XOXO


I had an amazing day with one of my closest, beautiful friends, Frida! The sun was shining and the top of the Norwegisn opera was gorgeous! just perfect for pictures!!
I spend my last two days in Norway with her in Oslo, and now I'm back in Kingston, UK. Loving the heat, but partly melting away! We had a nice lunsj and just relaxed and had fun times!

Top-Bik Bok, Skirt-Bik Bok, Purple converse-Brasil, sunglases-Primark


I am about to give up these retakes. Of course I wont, but it feels like it. I'm so tired and fed up with all this things and I don't know... There's not really much left, so shouldn't think like that. But all my plans of visiting people I haven't seen the entire summer is vanishing with my patients. I feel like i'm going IN-SANE!! The thing is that I found out I had two more thing to do, not only those four as I thought. So I still got 4000 words left to do. Not much you say? well, come do it for me then. I will soon pay someone to do all of this. Ok, back to my work.


The feelings I'm filled of. I don't know what it is! I want everything, but I want nothing. Hm...I want everything but I want nothing. I want to dissapear. But I know I would never do that, not because I don't dare to do so, or maybe just because I don't dare to. Because I just rather fight this fight and maybe or maybe not I'll win.



Whilst sitting in the library in Larvik, I've learned so much. Not that I have a choice as I need to retake some essays. Just my luck! I've also learned that I should not drink coffee as I easily get hyperactive and that the jeans I'm wearing (the lady in the store told me to buy a smaller size because it gets bigger) does not get bigger. So here I am with really tight jeans on, making my summer even better after all the work with more unpayd work (uni work), figuring out that I actually don't mind it, I don't have anything better to do anyways. I also don't have anything meaningfull or deep to write, aha...but it's ok, im not in that kinda mood anyways.

Ok, so it's under two weeks till I get back to Kingston. I just want to say to all of you who felt I din't have time for you, I really wish i did, but I had to work as I am a student and need the money like ehh... Dali needed his madness. But I'm not gone forever, and also, it's only two hours travel to get to me! Imma wait for you! And I'm also really sorry if you get mad, but now that I'm not working, I still need to focus on uni and finnish this, I like it as much as you, but need to get it done!

Yesterday after library time I also spent some time packing. I'm done now, and ready to get back! As we say here in Norway, ready as an egg! (Klart som et egg #Sayings), and woo, I'm so excited! Can't wait for an other year! So what I now need to do is to finnish this stupid essays and then I'm free! For a coupple of weeks.

Random pictureRain , I cannot say where I found all these picture, I don't know.


This summer has been the best summer when it comes to shopping! I have not gone crazy and spent all my money, but I have bought all the things I've always wanted, "always", more like wanted for two years or so, but its a long time, so why not buy it while I have the money.
I got myself a nice hat from, my militaryjacket (wearing it in the same picture), which I also ripped only one week after getting it from ebay, oh beautiful ebay, and I also bought a jumper from ebay, but it wasnt as I wanted, so shipped it back, I have ordered myself these leggings from (starry night of Vincent van Gogh, so cool). I have also bought a ticket to Copenhaven in September, going to Phono Festival in Odense with some people from work, and I have never been in Copenhaven either, so gonna be good!


Summer '12 so far

Ok homies! I have done no blogging at all the entire summer, reason, work and I havent really wanted to either! So my summer this year has not ended up as planned, but what I've learned from life is never plan anything, never ends up as planned. I did not go to both of the festivals as planned, only one, at least I got to see the xx, M83, snoop and lana, I did not get to see Lissie again or New Order, but I might go to Bestival, so Ill catch that up. What else?? Nothing really, I've been working, met a group of beautiful people I work with, best crew in the workld I think, we've done so many cool stuff, parties and Grafitti and stuff. Owh, even though this Summer wasn't what I planned, it has been good. Have some pictures, here they are, all raw!!! This is not everything, but I need my beautysleep, so Ill post something new on Saturday as tormorrow I wont be home before laaaatttteeee!! Xx

ps! The pictures are so random, I hate this uploadprogramme on this thing, can't handle anything!

part of the camp!

My best friend during the Festival, supercute!


Some of us girls just recovering from a festival night!

On our way to a concert!

Peace!! xx


I've been in Norway one day. The traveling from Kingston to Gatwick wasn't that bad, could have been worse (when it comes to carrying things), and all thanks to Jack, even though it was a hard train ride, it was hard to say goodbye! Leaving my room, empty, or almost empty, I think I might forgot to take out some socks from my drawer, well... whatevvs. The best thing about traveling somewhere is the Tax Free. bought Pimms, Cutters Choice and when I landed in Oslo I bough snus, ofcourse. My brother came and picked me up at the train station in Lillestrm, the stop before Oslo and we went to his new house. I've been fed with low carb diet food, i personally like it, but then again it contains a lot of fat. It's so nice to go to a shop and see the little refrigerator filled with snus, mmm. It's not cool to see so many normal people though, or ehm, i mean less original characters running bout. Haven't been in town yet though, so i might see more tomorrow. I've spent the whole day with Oliver, aunties favouritte boy.

I've been inspired to start the same diet my sister in law and so many other people all over Norway, as far as I know. Its LCHF diet (low carb high fat). I heard about people loosing over ten kilos in three months and shit, so hopefully it will do something, i will continue training as well. The hard part in this diet is that there is so many things I can't eat, and I should only eat things with 6 or less carbs in. Ohh dear, this aint gonna go. My mommas food! But why not, get it shape and who knows, maybe the body I always wanted! Haha.

But I haven't started on the diet yet, so this is pretty much my snack now:

Tantes fineste <3 Oliver Lisandro


I Only have three more days left in Ktown before I go back home to Norway for the summer. I'm super exited and I'm so glad I'm gonna see my Family and friends again. Got Summer palnned out. Festivals, Work and Denmark hopefully, also getting visit from this side of the pond. I don't really have lots to say. I've had great last weeks here, I was supposed to leave a week ago, but stayed a bit longer, and now I'm glad i did, makes it possible to see people a bit longer! I've done so much past the last few weeks than ever and my room is packed down, it's so empty, no pictures on the walls, no books in the shelfs. I'm starting to get a bit nervous as well as exited, don't know what I feel the most. I'm really glad I can go home to my old life, work a bit and all that, especially not having any UNI work!

But I'm also very sad to leave my room and this all behind, even though its just for the summer, but when we all get back its not gonna be the same! Scared of the change!
I know I've been repeating myself a lot, but eff that, the point is that I can't wait to be home in good ol' Norway, but on Tuesday and Wednesday is gonna be some tearfull goodbyes!



After a while, when you lean back and watch it from a distance, you realize that the place you left, the people you left is amazing and you couldn't do anything without that. I'm in a bit of a homesick high level: butterflies in my belly, ready to go home. I'm ready to spend the entire Summer in that boring little town of mine. I'm getting graduation goggles towards this shithole I call my home here in Kingston, the dirty toilets ( I even happily cleaned the toilet today), the disgusting kitchen and this tiny room where I had to sort out my life for a year.

When I think about it, it doesn't seem so far away, that day when I moved in with help from mum, being the first person in the flat, buying all the stuff I needed to see little by little everything dissapear, don't know where or how. When I was that weirdo in room J2A, shy and all that, turned out not to be the shy one after all. To find good friends all around me, in this flat, in other flats, other groups. And also to find my bebe right in my neighbour room, but to see him leave again after some months! But we still manage to do it, huh ♥ I was so scared in the start when I moved here, the reality of actually moving overseas didn't hit me before I got used to all this, learned so much, tried so much.

Now the end of my first year is soon over, and next year starts with room for more new people, more new friends, and ofcourse more new knowledge. My levels of everything has developed to the better and except from those days I'm really homesick and wished I had studies in Oslo instead, I don't regret a day moving here. And this year have been hard, exhausting and frustraiting, and next year is gonna be all that minus a bit. I'm moving in to a house with some good friends, gonna have some crazy parties and continue student life, level dos! Gonna be good.

This blogpost has been very pink and dreamy, memories and shit, but I'm really looking forward to see the ocean again, work my but off and chill with Freia melkesjokolade, m. And I know that after a coupple pf months in Norway, I'm gonna be so sick of it and wanting to move back! not only that, but I'm also gonna miss friends here.


Oh, and I made henna on myself the other night!

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